We filed for recognition!

Novemer 14th, 2023

Dear colleagues,

We took a major step forward as NYU researchers today! We just filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to form our union, NYU Researchers United–UAW. A supermajority of the approximately 4,000 researchers across NYU have signed authorization cards in support of forming our union, and we submitted 2,700 of those cards with the petition. This is a huge milestone for our campaign – thanks to everyone who has signed a card so far!

There have been a lot of developments over the last week.  Rather than meet with us to agree on a fair process, NYU responded to our neutrality letter by attempting to file their own employer-side petition at the NLRB to take us through legal proceedings last week. In response, given the overwhelming support for our union, we filed our own NLRB petition Tuesday morning. Then this afternoon, we went to the NLRB office downtown to physically present our 3 boxes full of signed authorization cards.  

We would have preferred to sit down and work out a fair process in a constructive manner — however, the university has thus far refused to do so. As we move forward with the NLRB, the NYU administration can still do the right thing and agree to our proposal to have a union for all researchers at NYU so we can move toward an election on unionization in the near future.   

We urge the administration to refrain from any further delays with our effort to unionize. If NYU challenges our petition, we are prepared to present witnesses and evidence in NLRB hearings about why we deserve to have a union together as researchers. This process would take longer for us to get to a vote and into bargaining for a first contract but we are confident we have a strong case and arguments.   

For more updates and to discuss next steps, join our general meeting this Thursday at 6pm on Tandon campus (RSVP here for specific location/zoom link. We will send this info on Thursday morning) 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts. To get more involved in organizing for meaningful improvements at NYU, fill out this form and an organizer will get in touch!  


NYU Researchers United – UAW